Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic Foot Care

It is important for any diabetic to understand that good footcare is an essential part of the diabetic’s routine. This is due to the fact that diabetics have an increased risk of a loss of feeling to their feet, circulatory problems and potential ulceration.

Self care of diabetic feet should include thorough daily washing and drying, including between the toes taking particular note of any areas of hard skin, rashes, or splits between the toes. Use a mirror to thoroughly check the soles of the feet and seek advise from your podiatrist if you have any concerns. Trim your toenails straight across, but without leaving any sharp edges. Only do this yourself if you have normal toenails and don’t have any sign of feeling loss to your feet. Otherwise seek help from your podiatrist who can best advise you.

It is important that footwear does not put any pressure on your toes and that it does provide good cushioning in the sole. The same goes for any hosiery, try to avoid any seams over the toes.

Your podiatrist is able to advise you on safe self care practices, check your feet for any sensory loss, provide advice on footwear and is able to attend to difficult toenails or areas of hard skin.

Diabetes is a condition where preventative care of the feet is the best way of helping to avoid future problems.