Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Often when you walk up and down stairs or hills, you feel pain in your knee and sometimes you may experience an unpleasant grinding sensation in your knee.You may also get pain when you sit with your knee bent for a long period, as in sitting in a car or a movie theatre. You may also feel your knee popping or clicking when you bend it. Sometimes you think that your knee is going to give out underneath you.

The most common knee pain is found at the front of the knee, either under or around the knee cap, caused by the knee cap rubbing excessively against the front of the thigh bone. This problem occurs due to muscle imbalance, poor foot or limb mechanics, or incorrect training technique.

Pain will often be present during or following activity and sometimes also when sitting with the knee flexed for extended periods of time (movie goers knee). It is common to experience instability of the knee and the feeling that it is going to ‘give way’. Climbing stairs, kneeling and squatting all aggravate the knee.

Pain can also be present just below the knee cap where a large tendon from the thigh muscle attaches to the front of the shin bone. This problem is often known as jumpers knee as it is found in people who play sports which involve a lot of jumping and landing.

Your podiatrist can confirm the diagnosis of your shin pain and provide treatment and advice.